Jessie Jane's DIY Advent Calendar

What You Need:
• Large Picture Frame with glass
• 25 small boxes, used jewelry boxes, or tins • Wrapping paper, ribbon, stickers, jewels, and other items to decorate the boxes. • Velcro • Scissors • Hot Glue • Adhesive back Number stickers (from the craft store) • Gifts or treats to fill the boxes Directions:

  1. Gather 25 different sized boxes (no more than 4" wide) and wrap them in paper, paint them, decorate them, or just add ribbon. The more unique the better. Try and use old jewelry boxes, mint tins, matchstick boxes etc.
  2. Apply Velcro to boxes.
  3. Place all your numbered boxes on the glass in the frame so they fit perfectly.
  4. Apply a number sticker to each box (Numbers 1 -25) - Each box represents one day before Christmas.
  5. Fill the boxes with treats, notes, presents, or money. With a traditional Advent Calendar you get one tiny gift each day and something a little bigger on Christmas Day.
Jessie Jane's DIY Advent Calendar

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