Jessie Jane-DIY Trendy Fall Boots

Lace Boot Cuffs - Selling for upwards of $30 in retail stores, today Jessie shows how you can create the look of a boot sock or leg warmer without the bulk.

Materials Needed:
• (2) 9" Lace Doilies
• Scissors • Fabric Glue or Hot Glue • (1) Pair of tall boots (or baby boots) How Do We Make Them?
Cut the scalloped portion of your doilies off (about 2") and wrap around the inside of your boot. Using fabric glue attach to the inside of the boot. Done!
Knit Boot Cuffs - This perfect winter accesory can cost you $45+ in stores, but today Jessie shows how you how to create your own Knit Boot Cuffs for practically nothing!

Materials Needed:
• (1) Old sweater or stretchy long sleeve t-shirt or old sock
• Scissors • Fray Check (from Joanne’s) or Hem tape • Needle & Thread • Buttons How Do We Make Them?
Cut the arm of your sweater off or t-shirt or cut the toe of your sock off and apply fabric Frey to the bottom of the material. I recommend using the hem tape (and I will show this way on camera). You can then use needle and thread to sew on your buttons. Easy!
Belt Booties - One of the hottest trends in shoeware, these belt booties can cost you over $200 in stores, but with Jessie's tips you can have this trendy look for a fraction of the cost.

Materials Needed:

• Skinny Belts from used clothing store • Leather Braids (optional) • Fabric (optional) How Do We Make Them?
1. Wrap the belts around your booties until you can buckle it without it hanging down on the ground.

2. Continue to wrap with material and chains until you reach your desired look. If your bootstraps are too loose you can use a little hot glue so they don't slide around.

DIY Trendy Fall Boots with Jessie Jane

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