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Jessie Jane DIY Chanel Inspired Bags

Jessie Jane DIY Chanel Inspired Bags

Materials Needed:
  • Jewelry Chain, 1/2 Inch Wide Links
  • Leather Cording
  • Jump Hooks, 1 Inch
  • Needle Nose Pliers
  • Jewelry Clippers
  • Epoxy 6000 or Metal Glue
  • D Hooks


  1. Measure chain, 18-20 inches.
  2. Measure leather cording, 8 inches longer than chain.
  3. Tie one end of leather cording to last link of chain.
  4. Weave leather cording through the chain.
  5. Tie at last link.
  6. Using Epoxy 6000, secure the end of the trim to the chain and tie off the knot, allow to dry.
  7. With pliers, add 1 jump hook to each end of Chanel inspired chain.
  8. Attach to existing D Hooks on bag.

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