How to embrace your looks now instead of trying to turn back the clock.

Shun Shimmer, Go with Glow Switch: From Sparkly Blushes And Highlighter To Creamy Matte Ones!

  • It’s really important as we notice age-related change to the skin to not just think in terms of color, but also in terms of texture. Our skin texture changes, so we have to adjust our products.

  • Using a matte finish cream blush is so much more flattering on skin that’s been lived in, with little fine lines and enlarged pores. Even tiny particles of shimmer can accentuate lines and wear & tear on the skin by sinking down into the little nooks and crannies. Or worse powdery products with shimmer sit on the surface of the skin and attract the wrong kind of attention. It’s time to shun the shimmer and go with the glow.

Light Bright

  • My next step is called light bright for a reason - you need to be bright about where you place your eyeshadow. Here’s the thing. Our bone structure doesn’t change, right? Bones are always in the same place - it’s our skin that moves over time, especially in the crease and on the brow bone.

  • If you use luminous shadows in those areas, you can risk looking puffy and making your eyes look smaller. Instead, if you focus on placing your luminous shadows on the areas that don’t change, like around your tear ducts or a little pop right above your iris, you can get a bright, beautiful look without having to sacrifice the glamour-factor. It just takes a little flat-aging strategy.

Move The Liner Up!

My flat-aging tip is to move that liner on up! And choose navy instead of black.

I know it seems weird to apply liner under your upper lash line, but it accomplishes 3 really lovely things. 1) it fills in the little gaps between your lashes to make them look bulkier and more lush; 2) it defines your eye shape and gives your eyes a more open appearance; and 3) that little bit of blue in the navy makes the whites of your eyes pop really white and bright.

Avoid Tug of War

A lot of people don’t realize that the makeup brushes you use - and how you use them - can make a huge difference. If your brushes are very dense or hard, they can actually damage the elastin and collagen in your skin while you’re applying your makeup. Collagen declines on its own - we don’t need to help it out.

When you use a very dense brush, or even your fingers, you tug on the skin. Your skin is going to bounce back to where it wants to naturally rest as soon as your tool from your face, and it carry your makeup with it, causing creasing or over-application.

A very soft makeup brush will float product onto your skin without any movement underneath, which means you can actually use less makeup and get a more blended, natural look.

A Pinch of Powder

Powder can dull your complexion if you use too much of it, and if you want to look fresh, maintaining a hydrated look is essential. My tip here is to apply it very sparingly and only where you need it, which for most women is in the t-zone. It’s popular to think

That you need to use powder to set your under-eye concealer, but the flat-aging way is to tap it with your fingertips to blend if it gets creased. I’d way rather be dewy and creased than cakey and dry.

Pay Lip Service


Lips have been very on trend, but boy they can magnify the signs of aging by accentuating dry skin and actually making your lips appear thinner.

Any little pop of moisture on the lips will instantly make them look plumper and fuller. You don’t have to go full gloss, but a little dab in the center of your lips can make all the difference, including making your complexion look more hydrated. Even a dab

Of a lip balm will help and you can say goodbye dry.

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