Jennifer Farrell’s Silverware Sunburst


  • Round mirror – 7”
  • Plate – a few inches larger than the mirror
  • Cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Silverware – (depends- suggested 12 knives, 8 forks, 12 spoons)
  • Beads – enough to go around the mirror
  • Hot glue and gun

Instructions for Silverware Starburst Mirror:
1. Start by cutting 2 circles out of cardboard. Measure halfway between the bottom rim of the plate and edge to make your circle.
2. Glue the two circles together with hot glue. This will give you a stable base for your silverware. 3. Press the rim of the plate down onto the circle, and then trace this with a pen. That way you know how to place your silverware. 4. Start working on your layout. Lay out all the silverware, then glue it on. Start with the knives. They were the fattest in width. Line them up with the traced line of the rim. Then add in the forks and then the spoons. 5. Place your plate on the layout and make sure that it lies as flat as possible. Make any spacing adjustments you need to. 6. Start gluing on the silverware, working your way around the circle. Check your layout with your plate as you go. Finish all the silverware. Add a good layer of glue to the cardboard to hold your plate on. Add a layer of glue to the back of your mirror and glue that to the center of the plate. 7. Before you glue on any beads, take a minute and clean any smudges or fingerprints off your mirror. 8. Glue a ring of beads or pearls around the mirror’s edge. Get more of Jennifer’s DIY tips here:

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