Jennifer Farrell's Packing and Moving Tips

Box Record Sheet
Keep a separate sheet with a box record of all items. Assign each box a number and then label the boxes with the number from the sheet (this simplifies the process and makes it easy to retrieve the correct box first time).
Step 1 - Use Avery 8160 lables, Print the name of each room in your house and a number below it (1, 2, 3, . . . ) KITCHEN. BEDROOM. LIVING ROOM. This will help you get set up when the movers are coming in - they can just drop stuff off in the correct room.

Step 2
- Print a moving log for each room. Label the page with the name of each room, and number the rows. This list should be enough to help you figure out a) how angry you are if that box is lost in transit, and b) which box you can leave unpacked for 3 months.

Step 3
- Pack your stuff. Put a label sticker on the box and write the contents of the box onto your moving log.
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