Jennifer Adams' Tips for Shopping in Your Own Home

Do a walk-through of your home
• Explore every room, closet and storage area for forgotten and unused items.
• Make a note of items that can be updated or might need to be repaired before you use them again. Take photographs of everything
• It is easier and faster to see what will work where if you can hold up a picture, rather than dragging furniture from room to room.
Remember to remove, not just add, items
• If you no longer love a piece of furniture or a decorative item you move it out, try it in a different room, paint it or sell it.
• Just because it doesn’t work in one room doesn’t mean that it won’t be the perfect missing item in another. Give mismatched accessories a cohesive look
• A good way to unify an assortment of vases, bowls and other items is with a coat of white paint. Vary the shape, size and height of the items to add more visual interest if you have items that are all the same color.
• Group the items together in one spot or place them throughout the room for the most impact.

Dining Room Makeover Reveal with Jennifer Adams

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