Jenna Deangeles DIY Paper Flower Ball

• Printed paper with design template (6”x8”isn)
• 150 sheets typing paper (26 lb.)
• 150 skewers • Scissors • Tape • Paper clip • Hot glue gun • 4 feet of ribbon • 6” Styrofoam ball • Printer Instructions:

  1. Open (unfold) a large paperclip and, using scissors or wire cutters, cut the paperclip in half.
  2. Make a hook: Press the paperclip section into a 6” Styrofoam ball and secure it with hot glue, leaving space to thread the ribbon through. Cut 4 feet of ribbon and thread it through the hook. Set aside.
  3. Once you’ve made the cone, take a piece of scotch tape and close it.
  4. Cut the papers at the black line, so all the papers are square.
  5. Make 150 cones: Tape a skewer to each paper, pointed side off the paper, on a diagonal, and roll the edges of the paper into cones. The printed swirl should be in the inside of each cone. Tape each cone into shape.
  6. Hang your styrofoam ball (from a light fixture, a hearth, a clothing rack) so you can access all sides of it.
  7. Hint: Starting at the top, insert one cone. Let’s call that North. Then, as guides, insert another cone at the South Pole, one to the West and one to the East. These will help you keep your cones straight on axis.
  8. Fill in the Ball: Add the remaining cones until the entire ball is covered.
  9. Tie your beautiful Flowerball to a light fixture, a chandelier, a canopy bed, an outdoor deck, or the ceiling, and enjoy!

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