What You Need

1. Unfinished Window Box –

2. Stain or finish – Thompson’s Water Seal Wood Stain In Traditional Brown

3. Decorations – Wooding Mixing Spoons + Sharpie

4. Deck Drape

Think "out of the box" for one-of-a-kind window boxes. You can get window boxes in stores (including craft stores, home décor and Discount stores) or online Treat wood to make it last – clear water proofer if you don’t want to change color (even for cedar/redwood), or a tinted waterproofer or stain to change color. Good way to use up any waterproofer left over after you’ve cleaned and treated your deck. For very plain, inexpensive boxes, you can add your own touches for a one-of-a-kind look. Look around the house to see what you have left over from other projects, found objects like shells and sea glass, even one flip flop could be used for a beach-themed box. Take unfinished window box and spray with Thompson's Water Seal Wood Stain in Traditional Brown. This is a new product at Wal-Mart, and it adds color and waterproofing protection all in one application. No brushes or clean up needed. Take cheesecloth and wipe away excess to get a very sheer look, or spray on more for solid coverage. Also available in Natural Cedar. It will dry to the touch in about one hour, but we would recommend letting it dry 24-48 hours before use, depending on how heavily you’ve sprayed. Apply decorations using a construction adhesive for exterior projects, not a glue gun. This is Loctite Power Grab, and it works with all types of materials and sets almost immediately. Just pop in some plants, and you’re ready to hang it.