Jeanette Pavini's Five Online Shopping Strategies For Saving Money

1. Price Adjustments
Shop sites with a price adjustment policy. Some of the biggest sales happen the week leading up to Christmas, but you can shop now and still take advantage of future sale prices.
Price adjustments are the best-kept hidden secret. If an item you purchase goes down in price usually within 14 days, most retailers will give you the difference back. All you need to do is save your receipt. What most people do not realize is you can get price adjustments when you shop online! Stores like Macy's, Banana Republic, Kohl's all allow price adjustments. Additionally, some stores will even allow you to enter a promo or coupon code if you found one after you already made the purchase!
2. Double And Triple Up On Savings

Use coupon codes before making any online purchase! What many consumers don't know is these discounts are usually always in addition to any sale the store is already having, so it doubles your savings. Additionally, by grouping together your purchases many times you will reach the minimum for free shipping. Now you will have the sale price, the coupon code discount and free shipping...three ways to save on one purchase! Sometimes the value of a coupon code goes up with the more you spend.
3. Give Back By Simply Shopping

This time of year most of us want to give back but don't have the financial means to. Many stores and manufacturers will give a percentage of your sale back to charity. Shopping this way allows you to help out without spending an extra penny!
4. Use Chat To Get A Discount

Most of us use the online chat option only is we are having a problem or want information on a product. But you can chat with a representative to ask for additional savings. Check to see if there are any discounts you are overlooking or if there are any upcoming deals that could be applied.
5. Take Advantage Of Gifts With Purchase

This time of year you will find many sites offering a gift with purchase or gift cards with purchase. This will allow you give a gift and get a gift for yourself! It seems like we would all think of this, but many times consumers don't send the gift directly to the recipient. They have it shipped to them so they can wrap the gift and then they turn around and reship to the recipient. Save yourself the time and money and ship direct. If you are worried about the gift-wrapping, some sites offer free wrapping or will wrap for a nominal fee. For more information on Jeanette Pavini, log on to &

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