Introducing Chores to Kids with Megan Meany

Why give your Child Chores?
• Chores help improve a childs self esteem.
• Chores help children feel accomplished. • Chores can teach children how to multitask. • You can create a rewards system other than money. Creating a Chore Rewards System
You child needs to earn points inorder to have extra rewards. As your child earns points and get rewards, you can create perks like:
3 points: Staying up an extra 5 minutes before bedtime.
1 point: Getting an extra bedtime story.
2 points: Snuggle time for 10 minutes at bed with mom or dad.
2 points: Playing a game with mom or dad.
1 point: Earn a special snack.
6 points: Earn 30 minutes of tv time.
5 points: Earn 20 minutes of computer time/video game time.

Kids can save their points and this will teach them how to deal with money early on. Your the "family store" and they need to earn points for what they want. For more information on Megan Meany log on to and check out