Humidity for Outdoor Plants

1. Group plants together so that they can absorb the moisture that each plant transpires(equivalent to "perspire") .Grouping plants together creates a moisture rich environment for them to help each other out.

2. Place plants in even smaller groupings or "Vignettes" and set on trays filled with gravel and water and plants topped with moss to hold moisture in soil.

3. Place plants strategically where they are on different levels so that tall plants can "drip" moisture to lower plants; place taller plants on the sides so they create "walls" to hold moisture in; include plants that contribute moisture to air such as IVY, Peace Lily

4. Create a terrarium-like moisture rich environment by placing plants in a glass candy jar or even a domed food serving tray where moisture can't escape quickly. USE WHAT YOU HAVE.

5. Use a room humidifier that can run for up to 24 hours and has "auto shut off" when no more water. Don't have to run 24/7- 12 hours per day is good.

To Prevent Mildew

1. Place humidifier at least 1 foot away from walls and direct mist in direction of plants.

2. Use a shower liner and shower curtain as "tablecloth" to capture falling water, protect table, and inhibit growth of mold and fungus.

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How to Start a Garden