How to Water Plants While on Vacation

Shirley Bovshow is showing you how to care for your plants while out of town.


  • Battery Operated Timer

Watering Kit

  • Backflow preventer and Pressure regulator fitting
  • Adapter with 1/4 inch water tubing
  • 1/4 inch Barbed "T" and 1/4 inch barbed coupling to extend the tubing to potted plants
  • Drippers - (1 or 2 gallon per hour depending on size of plants)
  • Stakes with bug caps to hold up Drippers above soil


1. Attach the battery-operated TIMER to the fake hose bib.

2. Connect the Backflow Preventer and Pressure Regulator fittings to the bottom of the timer.

3. Connect adapter and start measuring out where you will need to cut your tubing to water each container.

4. After cutting, use a "T" to rejoin the tubing so you can water another container.

5. Attach the DRIP EMITTER AND STAKE, using the bug cap at the end of line.

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