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How To Save $ On Energy Bills

How To Save $ On Energy Bills

The goal is to keep the house air tight as possible. Here are Jeff's 3 easy and affordable things you can do to seal up the air leaks.

Sealing 1 Switch Plate

  1. Remove switch plate.
  2. Apply foam seal.
  3. Screw plate back in.
  4. Do it all over on the outlet plate.

Sealing Recessed Lighting

  1. Seal it from the attic side with a cap and seal around the base.
  2. Seal it from the house side by removing part of housing, use sealant, reassamble.
  3. Replace incadescant bulbs with CFL’s.

Adjustable Strike Plate

  1. Unscrew old door strike.
  2. Replace with adjustable strike plate.
  3. test for tight fit.

Try the Energy Savings Calculator at www.serviceexperts.com. And visit www.energystar.gov for more cost saving tips and products.

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