How to Put Your Best Selfie Forward with Kym Douglas

Downward angles should be avoided at all costs! Watch out for straight-on angles, as they can make you appear wider.

ALWAYS hold your camera above eye level! Looking up creates a much more slenderizing angle, whereas looking down can create unwanted creases and even maybe a double chin! Also, shots taken from above can highlight shadows and make you appear slimmer. Another sure fire way to minimize double chin exposure: hold the camera horizontally and tilt it downward 45°! You will look so much slimmer! Position so light shines toward you! You want natural light coming at you, not behind you. Look for an extra boost from a window! Never take pictures under a fluorescent light because it makes skin look sallow. Take a look at Debbie's selfie right here. Also, avoid using the flash because it can flatten your features. For perfectly coiffed selfies, use "The Selfie Brush," an iPhone holder/paddle brush, available at for $19.99.

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