How To Protect Your Eyes From Spring Time Allergies

What Is The Main Trigger For Spring Time Eye Allergies?
High pollen count, the reason the eyes are extremely affected is because they are a wet, exposed, organ, which allows pollen pollutants to enter freely. When the body over reacts, swell, mucus. If someone is extremely sensitive they can’t function.
Another Symptom Includes Red Eyes, And Many Would Assume To Use Something Like ‘Visine’, Is That A Good Way To Treat The Red Eyes?
“Redness is not the problem, blood vessels are dilating. Treating the red eye is treating the symptom NOT the problem. The hallmark of an allergic reaction is the itching. You can start with something really low tech, flushing away.
Rebound hyperemia— addicted to Visine gets used to the chemical gets use to keeping eyes not red stop using they get MORE red. Some redness in the eyes, we are suppose to have some.
How To Protect Children?
1. Bedding alternatives: Anti-allergy pillow case cover, putting child’s stuffed animal in plastic bag in freezer.

Many stuffed animals cannot be washed due to the type of material it's made from or its shape. Freeze these stuffed animals instead. Put the toys into a freezer bag, lock it tightly shut and place it in the freezer. The stuffed animals should be kept in the bags for at least eight hours. This will kill and suffocate any mites inside. After the freezing treatment, remove the toys from the bag and dry the animals in the dryer on a high heat to make sure that all the mites are completely dead.
At What Point Should You Visit Your Local Optometrist?
After 72 hours without relief it’s recommended you visit your local optometrist, where the option of oral antihistamines can be prescribed or they may recommend an over the counter version. Oral Antihistamines Sabdil & Histaminum (Both can be found at Whole Foods)

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