How to Prevent Tulips from Drooping

Celebrity florist Amy Marella shares tips on how to keep tulips looking fresh all season long.

How to Prevent Them from Drooping

  • Take you bundle of tulips and keep them bundled
  • Wrap tightly with paper so the blooms don’t pop out of the top of the paper
  • Secure with rubber band
  • Give them a fresh cut at the bottom
  • Put in lukewarm water (fill up ¾ way in the vase)
  • Put in some light (not sun beaming on them…just light)
  • Leave for 2 hours
  • Now they should be ready to design!

What to do to Keep Them Looking Fresh and Beautiful

  • Make Sure your vase is CLEAN…. washed out – no bacteria in there
  • Keep water topped off in the vase – fresh cold water – best to change daily if you can
  • Recut them if possible, at an angle each time you change the water
  • Cool location – can’t be warm in your house
  • I always like a bit a flower food to kill the bacteria BUT if you don’t have that then (bleach, penny, aspirin)
  • Penny in the vase – Copper is a Fungicide so helps with bacteria (bleach is the same) and also been said to add an aspirin with the penny…. helps the water flow through the flowers
  • Cut the stems and drop them into the fresh flower food water J
  • Remove any leaves below water level (leaves create bacteria)
  • Use COOL/COLD water for tulips (not warm and definitely not hot)
  • Use a supportive vase – remember tulips GROW

Trick to Keep Them Standing Tall

You can take a PIN…. poke through just below the head of the flowers – it lets air escape signals the water to come to the “puncture” within 1-2 hours they will perk up

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