How to Pack and Transport Flowers

Shirley Bovshow shares tips on how to pack and transport flowers.

Stuffed Vase Technique

  • Evenly space the arrangements in a box and sperate them with stuffing material.
  • Use earthquake glue in the bottom of the box for extra support.
  • When you are done packing the vases, shake the box and if the arrangements wiggle like jello, add some more stuffing material.

Cut Out Technique

  • Place vases on top of a sealed box to check spacing.
  • Trace bottom of vase on the box top and cut an “x” where each vase will be inserted.
  • Insert flower arrangements.

Eco Wrap Technique

  • Get eco wrap wet and squeeze out excess water.
  • Give flowers fresh cut.
  • Swaddle the bottom of the arrangements, wrap around the stems and add a rubber band.
  • Take a plastic bag and wrap it around the secured eco wrap and rubber band again.
  • Flowers will stay hydrated for three days.

Packing Tips:

  • When packing up arrangements into the car, load boxes tightly together and use stuffing between boxes so flowers don’t smash against each other.
  • Never put flowers in the trunk. They need air flow, so make sure to turn on ac full blast.
  • Never have fruit in your car with flowers. Ethylene will turn the flowers brown.
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