How to make your own DIY Piñata with Tanya Memme!

Materials Needed:

  • Large Cardboard box
  • Tissue paper
  • Twine
  • Rope
  • Box Knife
  • White glue


  1. Disassemble large cardboard box by cutting out each panel.
  2. Sandwich the two larger sides of the box and trace donkey pattern onto cardboard.
  3. Use the pattern of the donkey (see below).
  4. Trace and cut out the pattern with a box cutter.
  5. Using the smaller sides of the box cut out strips length-wise each 5 inches wide.
  6. Join both sides of the piñata with the cardboard strips with masking tape.
  7. Using scraps of cardboard cut out donkey ears.
  8. Using the box cutter, score the cardboard along the sides. This will create weaknesses in the structure so that they piñata breaks.
  9. Use different colored tissue paper to decorate the donkey piñata.
  10. Water down white glue or Mod Podge until it has a milky consistency.
  11. Brush the solution over small sections of the donkey, and press tissue paper squares onto the surface of the donkey. Be sure to "smoosh" the tissue paper so as to create texture of "fur".
  12. You can use whatever items you like to create the face and tail of the donkey. I used large googly eyes. I used streamers for the bridal and the tail. Any of this can be found at your local craft store or from whatever you have around the house. Just hot glue them on!
  13. At the top of the donkey’s back you will cut a flap with the box knife. If doesn’t have to be big, just big enough for the candy or whatever sized toys you might want to put in there.
  14. Use the twine. Poke a hole in the head of the donkey. Cut a 2-foot piece of twine knotting it at one end. Push the twine up through the candy hole and then again through the hole at the top. The knot will keep the twine from going through the hole. For added security, fill any negative space in the hole with glue!
  15. Tie a rope to the twine and hang from a tree or overhanging deck.
DIY Pinata with Tanya Memme

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