How to Make Your Own Bowl and Teacup Bird Feeders!


  • Ceramic Bowl or Teacup
  • Ceramic Plate or Saucer
  • Drill
  • Diamond drill bit
  • Masking tape
  • Sponge
  • 12" bolt
  • 3 nuts
  • Threaded eye hook
  • Twine Rope
  • 2 washers
  • 7” Aluminum Tubing


  1. Mark center of bowl and plate.
  2. Place a piece of tape over center point.
  3. Wet sponge.
  4. Make hole by drilling through tape at center point of bowl while squeezing sponge to drip a small about of water on bit to keep it cool.
  5. Repeat with plate.
  6. Thread bolt through bowl and fasten in place by threading on a nut.
  7. Thread a second nut onto bolt to 8" above bowl.
  8. Slide plate upside down onto bolt until it reaches nut.
  9. Secure plate in place by threading on another nut on top of plate.
  10. Screw eyehook to top. Slide aluminum tubing over eyehook and secure all pieces with a nut underneath the bowl.
  11. Use twine rope to hang.
  12. Fill with birdseed!

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