How to Make Your iPad Safe From Inadvertent In-App Purchases by Your Kids

1. Locate the "Settings" icon on your screen. This button allows you to set up some parental controls on your iPad—including prohibiting in-app purchases.

2. From inside of "Settings," select "General." 3. From inside of "General," navigate to "Restrictions" and turn them "On." The default position for an iPad is to have the "Restrictions" turned off, so it is important to find this setting and change it. 4. Once "Restrictions" are turned on, you must "Enable Restrictions." As soon as you do this, a pop-up appears asking you to create a four-digit passcode. You will need to enter it twice WITHOUT your child seeing the code. 5. Once inside the "Restrictions" area—think of them as Parental Controls—scroll down the page until you see "In-App Purchases." Turn that setting from its default setting of "On" to "Off." Viola! Your child can no longer make in-app purchases. That doesn't mean they won't be asked—the app will still ask—but they won't be able to buy. 7. Another option is to allow the "In-App Purchases" to stay on, but then set the "Require Password" option under the "In-App Purchases" to be set to "Immediately." If you don't, the other option of "15 minutes" activates. This means that if you allow an in-app purchase by putting in your passcode, your child can buy as many things as they can for 15 minutes before you would be required to enter your passcode again.