How to Make the Perfect New Year's Eve Party

Kym Douglas provides you with some tips on making the perfect New Year's Eve Party!


  • Lighting is key
  • Use a dimmer light or if no dimmers, unscrew a lightbulb or two
  • Use candle, mix and match the sizes. Trader Joe’s has a good selection
  • Mix and match your candles
  • Set your candles on silver trays
  • Stick with one color for linens - Use white for an elegant color scheme
  • Cut rose at an angle & place in warm water to bloom quickly
  • Add truffle oil to a bag of clean popcorn for a delicious appetizer
  • Heat up cashews in your oven for 10 minutes- also makes the house smell great!
  • For more food, try ordering a gourmet pizza and cut it into small bites
  • Have one table with all your beverages: Make a specialty “mocktail” drink with pomegranate, cranberry, soda water and lime. (Pomegranate juice adds color to your beverage table)
  • Have your party playlist contain all types of music- classic holiday standard to current pop hits.
  • Polaroids are a great party favor for guests to take home! (Mini Polaroid camera, $51.99 amazon)

Last-Minute New Year's Eve Party - Home & Family

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