How To Make A Vintage Looking Reclaimed Window Coffee Table

What You Need:
Reclaimed Window
Reclaimed Wood For The Bottom Shelf (Or Plywood) 2x4’s To Make The Box Table Legs Or 4x4’s For Legs Hardware: Hinges & Handle Screws & Glue Biscuit Joiner & Biscuit Joints Brad Nailer


1. Measure your window to get the dimensions for the box. 2. Screw in the 2x4’s to make your box. We matched the design of the window by doing simple butt joints instead of corner joints. 3. Measure out your reclaimed wood panels and use a biscuit joiner and biscuits to assemble the bottom shelf. If you don’t have access to a biscuit joiner, you can also use a sheet of plywood as the base instead of reclaimed paneling. 4. Nail the finished bottom shelf into bottom of box using a brad nailer. If you don’t have access to a brad nailer, you can use a hammer and nails or a screw gun. 5. Screw and glue legs into bottom of box.