How to Make a Blessing Tree with Ken Wingard

Make this DIY with the kids.


  • Grab a branch from the back yard
  • Rocks
  • Jar
  • Bowl of cards or cut out leaves
  • String
  • Crayons


  1. Get a branch from the backyard, secure it with some rocks in a pretty jar and then lay a bowl of cards or cutout leaves with string and let your guests and kids write what they’re thankful for and hang it from the tree.  
  2. As the day goes on, the tree will get fuller and fuller, You can do this on Thanksgiving, this could be a simple project and stress that it’s something the kids could put together while you’re finishing dinner.
  3. Since it’s Coco’s first Thanksgiving that she will understand, she can help me and explain what Thanksgiving means while we make the tree together.
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