How to Harvest and Dry Oregano

Shirley Bovshow is giving you professional tips on how to care for oregano.


1. Pack your seed starter trays with a seedling mix. Do not use potting soil as it is too heavy.
2. Make sure you pack down the soil so that there are no air pockets.
3. With your finger, place seeds on soil. Do not worry if you think there are too many seeds, because not all of them will germinate.
4. Water your starter trays from the bottom. If it does not come with a bottom tray, you can set on a saucer or something similar. Water the bottom tray or saucer and the starter containers will absorb the water they need.
5. Cover your starter trays with a plastic cover to help with moisture.
6. After the seeds start to sprout (approximately 2 weeks), plant outside or in a container. Make sure the plants get sunshine and water.
7. When harvesting, take pruners and cut down the plant to each stem, leaving a little bit of each stem still coming out of the ground or container.
8. Wash stems and place on a tray with napkins to dry.
9. Take leaves off by rubbing fingers down the stems.
10. Place leaves on baking sheet or mat to dry for 48 hours. Other options are placing in plastic bag to dry or using a dehydrator. Make sure they are dried in a dry room where there is not a lot of moisture. It is not recommended to dry in a kitchen.
11. To cut leaves, crush them in both hands. For a powder consistency, use a coffee grinder or something similar.

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