How to Grow your own Gourmet Garlic


• Container- At least 12" deep and as large as you need for the amount of garlic you want to grow. Garlic needs to be spaced 4 to 5" inches apart in a row. Each row should be 10- 12 inches apart.

• Kelp Liquid to soak your cloves before planting • Potting soil, well draining and rich in compost. • Garlic bulbs that are full and healthy looking. • Mulch to cover bulbs – use more mulch in very cold climates Directions/steps:

  1. Open bulbs and separate the cloves. Don't remove the skin. Each clove is a new plant.
  2. Soak cloves in liquid kelp overnight before planting for maximum vigor and health.
  3. Plant pointy side up. 2"-inches deep in mild areas, 4"-inches deep in cold.
  4. Cover with soil and add mulch to insulate the bulb from extreme cold.
  5. Place in sunny area- 5 hours+.
  6. Water when soil dries.
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How to Start a Garden
How to Start a Garden