Shirley Bovshow is showing you how you can grow turmeric at home.


1. Buy a turmeric finger from market
2. Fill a large 12-16” container (plastic is best) with half potting soil, half cactus mix (for drainage)
3. Set turmeric on soil and space 8” if planting more than one
4. Cover with 2” of potting soil mix
5. Water well
6. Place in a full sun to part shade spot in your yard
7. Maintain soul humidity (do NOT allow to dry out completely)
8. Turmeric will start to sprout in 10-20 days
9. Continue to water
10. As flower start to open and leaves start to dry, it will be harvest time
*If you live in Cold climate area, start Turmeric plant indoors 2 months before putting outdoors

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