Kym Douglas shares tips for adding luxury to your camping experience.

Elevate Your Tent:

Do not sleep on the hard ground. Get an elevated popup tent for a good night's sleep above the ground and under the stars.

  • Try the Outsunny Elevated Popup Tent

Grab Some Coffee:

A portable French press allows you to brew gourmet coffee and carry it with you during a morning hike.

  • Try the Betterbrew Travel French Press

A Contained Campfire:

No need to find wood or build a fire when you can use and a little City Bonfire to make your s'mores. Once you are done pop the lid back on to extinguish the flame.

  • City Bonfires S'mores Night Pack


An inflatable tub keeps you clean and calm as you take in nature.

  • Try an Inflatable Free-Standing Tub
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