Shirley Bovshow is giving you professional tips on how to dry chili peppers.


  • Peppers
  • Quilting Needle
  • Cotton Thread
  • Dried Bay Leaves
How to Dry Chili Peppers - Home & Family


1. Select washed and dried blemish-free peppers

2. Thread basting needle with cotton thread, double the thread and add a knot at the bottom. Make sure the doubled thread is as long as you want your rista to be

3. Pierce the stem of your pepper with needle and string first pepper all the way to the bottom of thread

4. Make a knot about an inch away from your first pepper to space your peppers for greater air flow

5. String the next pepper and continue until you are at the end of your thread. Then add a knot to the top

6. Secure and hang near a very bright window in a dry room so that peppers don’t get moldy

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