Shirley Bovshow is introducing you to a variety of gravel you can use for a walkway.

Gravel 101 - Home & Family


Start by shaping your walkway a minimum of 3 feet wide and 6”inches deep, using a flat edged shovel. Add edging to keep gravel in place. This could be bricks, large stones, metal, or wood edging. Use a tamp to level and stabilize the soil.

If the walkway is near a structure, make sure to create a slight grade away from the building so that water will not pool against it.

1. Place landscape fabric on top of soil and use metal pins to secure
2. Add 2”inches of construction gravel and tamp down
3. Add 2”-inches of crushed pea gravel on top and tamp down
4. Top off with 2-inches of decorative gravel of your choice
5. Tamp your walkway and water to stabalize it

The purpose of adding the crushed pea gravel on top of the construction gravel is to build up the area with less expensive gravel. Top of the walkway with decorative gravel, which is more expensive.

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