How Do You Get Food Ready To Be Photographed

How Do You Get Food Ready To Be Photographed?
First rule: never eat food that has been on set as the hero. In some instances as we saw substances are added or applied to the food that render the food unsafe for consumption. This is basically dummy food, not the food you are going to eat.

Also have a plan and be prepared. Make sure you have everything you need ahead of time. The most important thing to remember when creating an image specifically for the pop factor is to keep it simple. More elements in the shot mean more distractions for the viewer’s eyes. Less is best! What Is The First Step?
The first thing you want to think about is the surface, you’ve seen different blogs where people put the food on their granite counter but you have to set the scene for the food. For this I placed it on a slab of wood, which you can get anywhere, which adds an element of a BBQ.
Let’s Start With Styling The Hamburger.
Take the hamburger and place on a small plate, add French fries, style with salt and pepper shakers, ketchup bottle, and place on a wooden cutting board.
How Does Styling Food Differ From Styling Beverages?
We are going to fake the effect of frost and condensation on glass by spraying scotchgard, letting it dry for about 15 minutes then spraying with water. That will give you the same effect.
Use a mason jar for the lemonade because they are really popular on Pinterest and the majority of photos I post with mason jars gain attention. With beverages don’t use real ice cubes use fake, the cubes will melt and it will not look good. And We Can’t Forget About Dessert. Most food bloggers do a lot of baking and it’s important to style your desserts properly.

The most important thing is for the cake to look fresh and moist. With this look I kept it clean by added sprinkles because it adds an element to the party. When there are lots of colors in your food, you don’t want crazy tablecloths. You want the table to keep clean. If you are styling a plain cookie add sprinkles and colors.

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