Hottest Fashion Trends for Fall & Winter

Fall/Winter Fashion Trend #1: Black & White

  1. White after Labor Day is now a fashion “do", with designers like Balenciaga, Alexander Wang, Herve Leger, Carolina Herrera and Diane Von Furstenberg all getting in on the Black + White action.
  2. Find pieces that are black and white and piece then together. Look at the fabric and texture of the pieces.
  3. Go against your natural instincts, take black pants and pair with a white shirt and you will normally want to insert color with a necklace but keep the look to black and white.
  4. With black & white go against your natural instincts.
  5. The black and white off the rack look is from Macy's.

Fall/Winter Fashion Trend #2: Oversized Sweater

  1. From Gucci, to Isabel Marant to Derek Lam, Chunky and over-sized sweaters were all over the runways for Fall.
  2. Pair baggy sweater with tight leggings or pencil skirt.
  3. Grab a sweater you would normally shy away from that is oversize and work against it. Add to it and play it up! Put a baggy sweater on and belt it with a pencil skirt. The sweater can be baggy if everything else is fitted. You could even borrow a sweater from your husband, boyfriend or brother.
  4. The sweater can be baggy if everything else is fitted.
  5. The off the rack look is from Forever 21.

Fall/Winter Fashion Trend #3: Plaid

  1. While plaid is all the rage right now, there’s nothing old school or prep school about this modern take on tartan. Experiment with the scale and size of the crossbars but remember, the idea is not to clash but to complement.
  2. Plaid: The idea is not to clash but to complement.
  3. Find common colors in your plaid with your other patterns and solids.
  4. The off the rack look shirt is from Forever 21 and blazer Zara.

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