Home Safety Products with Kym Douglas

  1. Fake TV Burglar Deterrant Burglars look for houses that are dark, easy targets. This simple device fools them into thinking you are home by producing the same sort of light a real television makes. From outside after dusk, it looks like someone must be home watching TV. Faketv light mimics the effects of scene changes, color shifts, and on-screen motion. It's a super bright LED light with a diffuser lense. A computer sends out random signals that never repeat, simulating the color changes and light shifts of a TV. The average cost of a burglary is $1,750. Fake TV has three models from $25-$40, available at A great investment.
  2. Cool Care Holder Have you ever gone out and wondered if you left your curling iron plugged in? Or left your super hot hair dryer lying on a counter? Steel sleeves safely cool off your hair dryer and curling irons. Don't leave them on a table or counter where they might catch fire. 100% stainless steel. They come as a set you can mount on the wall for easy access. With 2 sizes, one fits a hair dryer and one holds a curling or flat iron. Coolcare Holder is available for $25-$38 at and
  3. Oval Sensor The most up to date technology in motion detectors. So sensitive it detects changes in temperature, movement, velocity, and height. A receiver box receives up to hundreds of signals (as many sensors as you want in the home) and will transmit a text message to your phone notifying you of what sensor is activated.
    • On your pet's collar: it has a GPS to tell you where your pet is
    • Jewelry box: will tell you if it's opened
    • Liquor cabinet
    • Computer
    • If the lights are turned on
    • Your pet's water bowl or food bowl, will detect if it's too low

    Oval Sensor starts at $99 at

  4. Stub Stoppers
  5. This is a great device for protecting our fancy pedicures. It is called Stub Stopper. Everyone stubs their toe on a bed or some furniture leg. The stub stopper is a lightweight cushion that wraps around table and chair legs, baby cribs, and bed posts to prevent you from hurting your toes if you bump into them. And, it protects crawling babies from bumping their heads.

Stub Stopper costs $9.99 each at

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