Home & Family: Start Your Own Bonsai

Shirley Bovshow gives you some helpful tips!

Materials Needed

  • Beginner Trees: Ficus, Olive, Juniper, Boxwood
  • Shallow, glazed or unglazed bonsai container
  • Bonsai soil mix from garden center
  • Sharp pruners or bonsai scissors
  • Metal wire in different gauges

How to Grow Your Own

MIX YOUR SOIL -Make your own blend by mixing 1 part top soil, 1 part moistened peat moss and 1 part gravel

SHAPE THE TREE - Examine your plant from all angles and decide on the front. Remove any stems blocking view of trunk of tree and cut off dead, crisscrossing and stems that mis-shape tree. Wrap large branches with strong metal wire and small stems with lighter wire to shape tree

PRUNE THE ROOTS - Remove tree from garden container. Carefully tease soil away from roots and open up roots. Prune the roots by cutting large roots by 1/3 and removing soil. Thread wire through the bonsai planter drain holes and place tree in planter, slightly off center. Secure tree with wire and cover with soil

Bonsai for Beginners - Home & Family

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