Home & Family: Reclaimed Wood Fence Flag

Ken Wingard shows you a great way to recycle old wood.


  • Reclaimed wood fence
  • Reclaimed wood board
  • White paint
  • Nails and Scrap board
  • Green branches
  • Floral Wire


1) Take the reclaimed wood fence and cut to the size you want

2) Cut out the top corner and put in the reclaimed wood board so that it is a flag shape

3) Nail the board and fence together in the back with a small block 

4) Water down the white paint & white wash every other plank for the stripes

5) Use floral wire to join your branches into a wreath and secure in place with a small nail

6) Secure wreath in place with small nail

Do It Yourself Reclaimed Wood Fence Flag - Home & Family

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