Home & Family: DIY Stamped Necklace

A very personal and fashionable DIY!


  • Steel letter punch kit
  • Metal plates with holes (you can buy them without holes but putting the holes in takes an extra step)
  • A steel block
  • Mini hammer
  • Masking tape
  • Sharpie
  • Chain necklace
  • 2 jump rings the same metal as the chain necklace

Step 1 

Place the metal plate in the center of the steal block and place a piece of tape across it where you want the letters to line up. This also holds it in place.


Step 2

With a sharpie pen or any pen, mark where you want the letters to be. 


Step 3

Take the middle letter punch (in this case the "v" as I am spelling Ava) and place just above the tape line centering it on the middle black line.

Then work your way out


Step 4

Take your jump rings and loop them through the two holes on either side on the letter plate.


Step 5

With a pair of pliers cut your necklace in the center so that where the necklace is cut is lined up with the fastener.  

Step 6

Then attach the chain to the letter plate and close each of the jump rings and you are done!

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