Ken Wingard shows how our décor can stay trendy throughout the Holidays, from Fall to Winter.

Here are some tips on how to transition your table décor from Fall, to Christmas and even winter through new year’s!

  • Start out with a well-formatted base arrangement that will stay the same for all three seasons using the F.A.B.O.O method.

F.A.B.O.O Design Method

  • Framework
    • Use plates, trays, and bowls to define space on your table.
  • Accent lighting
    • For quick access to lighting in your home, add a candle to your setup.
  • Books
    • Choose books that you would actually enjoy reading, but also try to choose books that fit your color scheme.
  • Outdoors
    • Add something from outside to your table, think twigs, small branches, or flowers.
  • Oddity
    • Put something on your table that is just odd enough to spark conversation between your guests
  • Switch out foliage and houseplants to fit the theme of each season. For instance, fill a vase with fall leaf branches for fall, evergreen sprigs for Christmas, and frosted branches for fall.
  • Change out the color of the candles for different seasons like oranges for fall, red or green for Christmas and white for winter.
  • Change out decorative elements in bowls and on the table like faux gourds and pinecones for fall, ornaments for Christmas, and wooden decorative balls for winter.

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