Bows are not just for presents. Add some pep to your step with Orly’s DIY Holiday Shoes with Bows.


  • Ribbon or glitter fabric
  • Brads at least 1” length
  • Awl
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Fabric scissors
  • Moleskin padding
  • Shoes
  • Optional: Red paint to paint the backside of fabric
  • Optional: Paintbrush


1. If using fabric, cut strips slightly wider than you want your bows to be. You are going to cinch the center later so it could shrink a tad.

2. Cut lengths of material that are double the length you want your bows to end up.

3. If you’ve used fabric that has a good side and a bad side, paint the backside of the fabric red.

4. Fold the length into thirds so that the two ends overlap a little.

5. Use your awl to poke a hole through all three layers of the material.

6. Feed the brad through with hole. Make sure the cap of the brad is on the front of the bow, the side where the ribbon is solid, the back is where it overlaps.

7. Cut a shorter length of material and use your awl to poke a hole in the center of one end. Feed it onto the brad. You can hide the brad under the center piece or poke a hole let it sit on top.

8. Wrap around the body of the bow, pulling taut, so that the middle cinches. Tack with hot glue where needed to make sure the pinch in the center is to your liking.

9. Poke a hole in the opposite end of the center piece of ribbon and feed it onto the brad, secure with hot glue. If you’ve left the brad exposed, you can cover it with a gem if desired.

10. To create the tails of your bow, take a strip you cut and cut it down the center except an inch at the top. Cut the ends of the tail to an angle.

11. Secure with hot glue onto the back of the bow.

12. Poke a hole into the heel of your shoe where you want the bow to be placed.

13. Feed the brad through the hole in the heel of your shoe and open up the prongs.

14. Place the moleskin padding over the brad prongs inside of the shoe to hold the bow in place and protect your foot.

15. Repeat the process for the other shoe and enjoy!

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