Holiday Makeup Trends with Melanie Mills

What Trends Are "In" This Season?
• The top holiday trend is the smoky eye. They can range in color, from eggplant, to browns or black.
• Full lashes are a must! • For lips, a deep, red gloss. Colors range from blood red to burgundy. If you’re showing off the blood red lip, adding a little shine will help soften the look. • Glitter and shimmer in warmer, golden tones. What Trends Are "Out" This Season?
• Extreme eye liner, which was so popular, is now out because women were discovering that it’s really only meant for super young, fresh faced girls.
• Silver, shimmery cheeks are out. • Bright blue eye shadow is out, BUT purple is in! • Matte lips are out; during the holidays you want your lips to have luster and shine.
Combining Latest Trends Without Looking Overdone

• Smoky eyes with red lips can look too heavy if you’re not careful. Always proportion the look with your age, coloring and the event you are attending. I recommend combining:
• Brown smoky eye with a brick red lip
• Eggplant smoky eye with a plum red lip • Black smoky eye with a muted lip If you want to re-create these looks, you can pick up Melanie's book, "Glitter and Glam" at bookstores nationwide or online at!