Helium Balloon Basket for Kids

A DIY from Tanya Memme and Dan Kohler.


  • Helium-filled Balloon
  • Yarn (lightweight)
  • Decorative netting (the lighter the better)
  • Paper Dixie or paper coffee cup (lightweight)
  • Scissors
  • Glue gun & hot glue


1) Lay out netting on table or carpet


2) Place plate on top


3) Cut netting 2 inches around plate, and set aside


4) Fill balloon with helium


5) Tie a piece of yarn to your balloon to secure it on a chair or table (so balloon won’t fly away)


6) Attach 8 pieces of yarn around netting – equally distributed. Trim little pieces of netting and yarn that stick out.


7) Place netting (with 8 pieces of yarn attached) over top of balloon. Center this netting around the top of the balloon.

For the Basket: 

Take a paper Dixie or coffee cup, and poke 4 equal holes around ½ inch from top of cup (be sure the helium-filled balloon can support the weight first).   Gather 2 strings into each hole – working from the inside out. Trim once the balloon sits even.  Once all strings are in place and through the holes in cup, put a dab of hot glue where strings meet the hole (to secure them).

Decorative Options: If balloon can withstand more weight, add a few decorative elements (such as mini flags) to the yarn strings with a little hot glue. Can also add a thicker kind of yarn to create a mini border to top and bottom of basket

Tanya Memme and Dan Kohler Team Up - Home & Family

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