Heart Shape Vertical Display of Flowers

Shirley Bovshow elevates grocery store flowers into beautiful bouquets.
Valentine's Day Grocery Store Flower Arrangement - Home & Family


1. Take 2 pussy willow stems and wrap wire around one of them

2. Take the wired stems and join them at bottom using rubber bands and bend the stems in heart shape. Wire together.


1. Puts a dab of floral sticky clay to the bottom of a small vase filled with flowers and places it into the box, next to the container filled with wet foam.

2. Insert heart into wet foam at bottom of vase

3. Insert heart shaped chocolate lollipops into the foam.

4. add moss, a miniature chair, and teapot on top of the wet foam and insert pre-cut flowers to the perimeter of wet foam

5. Place 2 potted plants in box and fill the crevices with moss.

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