"Haunt & Family" DIY Eyes In the Window with Matt Rogers


  • Frosted plastic bowls (you can get these at a party store or use frosting spray to frost your own)
  • Pupil print outs for the eyes (You can download the pupils from our website, or make your own drawing on a piece of paper.)
  • Black Foam Core
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun
  • Spray glue or glue stick
  • Ruler
  • Optional: Stained glass sprays if you want to change up the colors of the eyes


  1. Print off the pupils we have on our website or make your own. Cut out pupils for the center of the eyes. (The size of the bowl you have determines what size to cut your pupil.) Place the pupil in the center of your plastic bowl and secure it with spray glue or a glue stick. Make sure the bowl is concave. (Place the pupil on the inside of the bowl.)
  2. If you don't have frosted bowls, then you will want to frost the bowls with spray on the opposite side you glued the pupils. (If you want to have a few different colors, you can spray the bowls with colored stained glass spray.)
  3. Take black foam core and use your ruler to find the size of the window, so that the whole window would be covered with black foam core. If your window is really big, tape together pieces of foam core.
  4. Place your "eyes"/bowl where you want on the foam core and cut out a circle around the plastic bowl so that there is a hole there. (The trick here is to cut the circle a little smaller than what you traced, so that there is extra space to secure the bowl onto the foam core). Hot glue the bowl to the foam core. Then, you are ready to secure it to your window with tape.
  5. The key here to make sure that the bowl is concave on your foam core and that the light from the room in your house is on so it's backlit a bit. That way, when your neighbors are walking back and forth at night, it looks like the eyes are following them!
  6. Tip: You can do lots of little eyes in one window or one big eye per window, etc. The options are really up to you!

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