Paige Hemmis is helping us add some green into our homes to welcome Spring.


  • 2 macramé hoops each in 3 sizes 14”, 12”, 10”
  • Wood planks 3/4” thick x 4” wide cut to 5”
  • Leather suede lacing
  • Screw in eye bolts per planter slightly larger in diameter than the gold hoop
  • Brown tape
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • A plant to adorn your planter!


  • Mallet
Hanging Planters - Home & Family


1. The macramé hoops will be a full circle closed at one seam; we will need to open them up. The easiest way I found to do this is to set the hoop on the side of a table and gently push down with the other hand or a mallet on the seam until it comes apart. Be careful because the edges of the seam may be sharp.

PRO TIP: Be sure not to apply too much pressure and distort the shape of the ring.

2. Screw the eye screws into opposite sides of the wood. Two on each side of the wood into the side of the ¾” width. It’s best to do this about an inch inset from the end on both sides of the wood piece.

3. Thread your hoop through the two eye screws on both sides.

4. Make sure that the seam of your hoop is back at the top, we are going to hide the fact that we cut it! Bring them both to the top center.

5. Take brown tape and first tape one ring’s seam back together, then the other ring’s, then tape them both together at the top.

PRO TIP: You can also intersect the hoops in the middle to create an “X” shape on the sides, secure with tape and hang from the top of each hoop.

6. Take your suede lacing and wrap it around the tape, hiding the tape completely. Secure ends with hot glue.

7. Now add the length of lacing to hang the planter from. Cut another piece of lacing and bring it underneath the top laced part. The length of the lacing will depend on how high you plan to hang it. Tie to secure.

8. Hang it in a beautiful place, place a plant and enjoy!

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