Halloween DIY Skeleton Arm Wall Sconces

Matt Rogers teams up with Mark Steines.


  • Plywood
  • Skeleton Arm
  • PVC
  • 45 Degree PVC Joint
  • 3-Way PVC Joint
  • Repurposed Plastic Cup
  • Wood Buttons
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Glue
  • Electric Candle


1.     Create your base out of plywood.

2.     Trace your design and cut out with a saw or buy a pre-made plaque at a craft store.

3.     Drill through the base and screw together a 1 inch piece of pvc.

4.     Attach a 45 degree joint and add another longer piece of pvc.

5.     Cut a hole through the top and bottom of the skeleton arm and slide it through the pvc.

6.     Attach a 3-way joint on top of the pvc and add another 6 inch piece on bottom and an 8 in on top.

7.     Use an old plastic container and cut to a desired look.

8.     Attach to the pvc with gorilla glue

9.     Add wood buttons or bolts to the cup and base to create a custom design.

10. Paint the sconces with acrylic paint color of your choice.

11. Add a wall hanger to the back and attach to the wall.

12. Place an electric candle inside the cup.

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