Laura Nativo and Jon Konkel team up to give you great advice on getting the best photos of your pet!


  1. Relax. Move Slowly. Stay calm and be patient.
  2. Pick a non cluttered background. Look at all 4 corners of the frame and make sure you see what you like.
  3. Shoot in there world. Especially cats. Where do they like to hang out?
  4. Get down to there level eye to eye.
  5. Lighting. Good lighting makes an average picture great.
  6. Backlight the subject and Use fill flash.
  7. Focus on the eyes and expression. Use toys, food, noises to animate a bored animal.
  8. Use shallow depth of field. It focuses on the animals instead of the background. Harder to do with a cell phone.
  9. Reward your pet with food and praise. Fool your pet into thinking they are making the decision.
  10. Make sure the animals are not hot and overexcited. Most dog pictures with tongues hanging out are not good unless it’s and action shot.
Guide to Photographing Pets - Home & Family

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