Growing Vegetables on your Patio with Shirley Bovshow

Growing Vegetables on your Patio with Shirley Bovshow

• The three galvanized containers used in our patio vegetable garden design measure 4 ft. x 2 ft. x 12 inches and are available at your local farm or agriculture supply store. • Containers will need holes drilled into them for adequate water drainage. • Adding mulch over the top of the soil helps keep the soil cool, and helps keep moisture in. • The tomato cages are part of Burpee’s Pro Series Cages and should be added to the container when you plant your tomatoes and cucumbers.
Vegetable Plants That Thrive in Containers:

Take a look at how many plants we are able to grow in each galvanized trough container:

Container #1

• Tomato - "Indigo Sun" – All the Indigo tomatoes have purple shoulders filled with anthocyanins (like blueberries!) for added nutrition. Sweet bursts of flavor, too. • Herb - Rosemary • Herb - Pineapple Mint • Sweet Pepper - "Tangerine Dream" – Looks like a habanero, but the flavor is sweet and mild. Great for grilling and eating fresh.
Container #2:

• Tomato - "SuperSauce" – Paste tomato. The biggest a gardener can grow! • Sweet Pepper - "Tangerine Dream" • Viola - "Popsicles Tangerine" – Fill landscapes and hanging baskets fast with awesome flower power for early spring or late fall. • Herb - Dill
Container #3:

• Tomato - "Sweetheart of the Patio" – You’ll get all-summer performance in patio containers or hanging baskets with this sweet-tasting grape-size tomato. • Cucumber - "Patio Snacker" – Grows easily up a trellis in large pots. You’ll have plenty of cucumbers for pickling and sharing. • Herb - Lemon Balm • Herb - Dill
Ceramic Container with Tomato #1:

• "Indigo Ruby" Cermaic Container Tomato #2:
• "SuperSauce"
Hanging Basket Tomato:
• "Terenzo"
Burpee Home Gardens herbs available in 4"-inch pots.
They are all aromatic and decorative for patio gardens and available at your local garden center.
• Thyme "Hi-Ho Silver" • Sage "Icterina" • Rosemary "Spice Island" • Thyme - "Lemon" • Tarragon - "French" • Oregano "Hot & Spicy" • Basil "Pesto Perpetuo" (variegated leaf) • Mint - "Chocolate"

Growing Vegetables on Your Patio

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