Shirley shows you ways to grow and care for Pothos.
Growing Pothos - Home & Family


Note: Pothos plants are easy care plants that will reward you with years of beauty and act as a natural air filter, cleaning the air of toxins. For healthy, long-lived Pothos plants follow a few care practices and your plants will thrive indoors.

1. Pothos needs well-draining soil. Mix a 50/50 blend of potting soil and succulent mix. You can also add a little horticultural sand to the potting soil as an alternative.

2. Place your Pothos plant in a bright room, but don’t allow it to have direct sunlight. Direct sunlight will burn the leaves.

3. Although Pothos prefers bright light, it will grow in rooms with medium or low light. Be aware if you have a variegated Pothos with different colors and markings, not enough light will cause the leaves to revert to solid green leaves.

4. Water pothos as the soil begins to feel dry to the touch and don’t allow plant to sit in a saucer full of water. This will promote root rot.

5. Fertilize once a month with a balanced fertilizer that has the same three numbers for the nutrient ratios. Exp: 10-10-10. If you don’t fertilize Pothos, don’t worry, it will forgive you!

1. Buy a store-bought “moss post” and hydrate it before pinning the Pothos to it.

2. Pin the leaves to the moss to promote aerial root growth which will make Pothos stems strong enough to keep climbing!

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