How To Grow Mini Gourmet Vegetables

Shirley Bovshow shows us how to grow mini gourmet vegetables. Not only are these veggies adorable, but you can also plant and harvest them before the Summer growing season ends.
How To Grow Mini Gourmet Vegetables
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Are miniature vegetables a special variety?

Not always! You can grow all of these in late summer: Mini corn, Tiny Scalloped Squash, Carrots, Zucchini, Cukes, and Summer Lettuce!

Miniature veggies are just “regular vegetables” that are harvested before they are fully mature!

How To Grow Dark Green Zucchini & Picklebush

  • Fill a 12-inch container with potting soil and sow 2 seeds at 1”- inch deep
  • Water
  • When seeds sprout, remove the less vigorous plant and keep one. Water regularly so soil doesn’t dry out.
  • Harvest mini cukes and zucchini in 45 days!
  • These varieties don’t need to be supported; they grow as little bushes.

How To Grow Tiny Lettuce In The Summer

Lettuce likes cool temps but will grow in summer if planted in shade or protected from sun with shade cloth.

  • Sow 6 evenly spaced “Sweet Baby Romaine Lettuce” seeds in a 12” inch low bowl filled with potting soil
  • Water it
  • Once the lettuce sprouts to the size of my lettuce plants, cover soil with mulch and drape the pot with shade cloth like this.
  • Water Summer Lettuce daily and harvest the baby romaine lettuce in 50 days!
  • It’s so easy! Take advantage of this last opportunity for summer veggies!
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