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Giant Ornament with Tanya Memme

Giant Ornament with Tanya Memme

Tools & Materials:
  • Large Plastic Ball $3
  • Deli Container $1
  • Wire or Coat Hanger $3
  • Aquarium Silicone or Glue $5
  • Spray Paint, Glitter, or Decorate as desired $5
  • Pliers
  • Art Knife
  • Garden Hooks (2) Optional $6

Total "Home & Family" DIY cost, around: $22


  1. Prepare Deli Container: Make holes on each side.
  2. Insert wire and bend inside making a loop outside.
  3. Spray paint Deli Container.
  4. Glue/caulk Container rim – affix onto ball. Let dry 24 hrs.

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