Getting your Dog ready for Summer with Dr. Courtney Campbell

1. Keeping your Canine Cool:
• Take your pet for walks during the cool times of the day.
• Don't keep your pet in the car. Even with the windows down, the car could still get to a roasting 120 degrees. • You can cut hair but it's not necessary. • Be careful of sunburn. • Older dogs, Bull dogs, Shih Tzus, Pugs, are all at higher risk. 2. Picnic Table Foods to Avoid:
• Grill scraps
• Onions - anemia • Garlic - anemia • Ice cream - vomiting, pancreatitis • High fat foods - vomiting, diarrhea, pancreatitis • Corn on the cobb - vomiting, foreign body surgery • Ribs- vomiting, intestinal peforation, esophageal tear, pancreatitis 3. Plants that can Harm our Pets:
• Be careful of Sago Palm - Severe liver failure
• Lillies • Compost - Pets can get into rotting fruit • Snail Bait- Muscle tremors, seizures • Foxtails - Foreign body in nose, ear, chest, etc 4. Fireworks and Summer Storms:
During the summer we tend to spend a lot of time outdoors and we have to keep our pets safe. It’s not only hot during the summer but you have storms and with 4th of July coming up fireworks can really scare your dog. It can cause the following:
• It can cause anxiety, know what kind of sedations you can give your dog. • Fireworks can cause, although rare, fear-induced cardiac arrest. • Use Calming agents like - Rescue Remedy. • You can use Homeopathic agents - Valerian Root and melatonin. • Talk to your vet about more effective sedation agents. • Glow in the dark sticks can cause burning of the eyes and skin. Get more great pet tips from Dr. Campbell when you follow him on twitter @drcourtneydvm.